Agricultural Services

farmlandOur experienced staff of foresters, farmers, biologists, ecologists, and land management professionals work diligently to meet all of our clients’ goals. We are committed to staying abreast of changes in our industry and maintaining the personalized attention that our clients have come to expect.

Lease Management

We handle all aspects of lease management including working with existing farmers or select new lessees as needed. If necessary we negotiate new leases or include new provisions to improve working conditions.

Land Use Analysis

We work with the lessee to ensure inputs of fertilizer are adequate to maintain soil fertility and pH. In addition we get crop yields and GPS maps to show yield variability in the fields and work with the farmer to improve these areas and improve crop yields.

Well and Irrigation Installation

If landowners chose to create new irrigated fields we can analyze the viability by evaluating the water supply, soil, topography and market infrastructure. We can then manage the entire process of permitting, clearing, well drilling, and pivot installation.

Agricultural Management Plans

We believe that comprehensive management plans are one of the most effective ways to ensure landowner objectives are met. This resource helps guide the farmer in prudent farm management and optimize yields.   We provide a guide to assist the farmer and landowner in reaching management objectives including increasing crop yields, soil and water conservation, enhancement of aesthetics, and Conservation Easement compliance.

GIS Mapping

We provide our clients with state of the art maps detailing the individual timber type, acreage, topography, and soil type.